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AISC Printed Resources (Cost of brochures and shipping)

PlantWise - Grow Me Instead   (Brochure) copies available from AISC

Water Invaders (Brochure) Out of stock right now.

Biological Control of Yellow Toadflax (Report) copies available from AISC

Invader Ranger Activity Book (Grade 3 - 6 age children) copies available from AISC  Also Gardening Tips for Kids


Resource Documents

Clearwater County Invasive Plant Management Strategy

Herbicide Options for Prohibited Noxious plants


Weed ID App

Alberta Weed Spotter is an invasive plant identification and reporting App available for iPhones from the App Store.

Don’t Move Firewood

For more information on why firewood is a pathway for the spread of invasive species check out this information DON’T MOVE FIREWOOD or go to the CFIA WEBSITE

Text Book 

Invasive Plant Ecology in Natural and Agricultural Systems by Barbara D. Booth (Author, Editor), Stephen D. Murphy (Author), Clarence J. Swanton (Author)

Web Resources


Alberta Weed Control Act 
My Wild Alberta - Alberta Aquatic Invasive Species Information
Aquatic Invasive Species Threatening the Crown of the Continent - Crown Managers Organization
Weed Survey On-line Map of Alberta
- Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development
EDDMaps Alberta, Early Detection Distribution and Mapping System - AIPC & University of Georgia
Alberta Conservation Information Management System (ACIMS) - Alberta Tourism, Parks, & Recreation 
Forest Health - Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development 
AAAF - Association of Alberta Agricultural Fieldmen
ANPC - Alberta Native Plants Council
Rogue’s Gallery of Invasive Non-native Plants of Alberta WIKI - Alberta Native Plants Council
IVMAA - Industrial Vegetation Management Association of Alberta
True North Specialty Products - Industrial & Forestry vegetation management supplier.

AWA - Alberta Wilderness Association

STOPDED - Society to Prevent Dutch Elm Disease

Alberta Conservation Association 


Pesticide Label Search PMRA

Canadian Poisonous Plants Information System


IVM Experts

Wildlife and Herbicide Studies

Heath Canada - Pesticides and Pest management
Invasive Species Portal - Government resources on invasive species: plants, animals, pests and micro-organisms.
Things You Can Do About Invasive Alien Species - Hinterland Who’s Who
Invasive Plants of Canada - Canadian Botanical Conservation Network
Dow AgroSciences Canada
Saskatchewan Weed Identification Guide - Saskatchewan Agriculture, Food & Rural Revitalization
Manitoba Weeds - Manitoba Agriculture, Food & Rural Initiatives
Weeds BC - Identification & Management. BC Ministry of Agriculture, Food & Fisheries
Invasive Species Council of British Columbia
Invasive Alien Plant Program - BC Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations
Biocontrol Development - BC Ministry of of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations
Saskatchewan Invasive Species Council - Facilitating action in the battle against invasive species in Saskatchewan!
Weeds in Ontario - Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food
Nova Scotia Weed Information - Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture & Fisheries
Evergreen - Native Plant and Invasive Species Resources
Management Guidelines for Invasive Alien Species in Canada’s National Parks - Ecospherics International Inc.
Wild About Gardening - Canadian Wildlife Federation
Canadian Biodiversity Web Site - The Redpath Museum of McGill University
Northwest Invasive Plant Council - coordinates invasive plant management programs in northwestern BC


Biological Control of Weeds; A World Catalogue of Agents and Their target weeds

NAISMA - North American Invasive Species Management Association
WSSA - Weed Science Society of America
Weed Extension Publications - Montana State University - A gateway to Federal & State invasive species activities & programs.
Invaders Database System - University of Montana, Missoula
USDA PLANTS Database - Invasive and Native Plant Links, Distribution Maps
Center for Invasive Plant Management
Center for Integrated Pest Management - National Science Foundation Center
Montana State Weed and Invasive Plant Ecology and Management - Montana State University, Bozeman
Hawaii’s Most Invasive Horticultural Plants - Division of Forestry and Wildlife, Hawaii
Beneficial Landscaping - U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Defenders of Wildlife - use Search "Invasive"
Invasive Plant Atlas of New England - University of Conneticut, EDDMaps
Center for Aquatic and Invasive Plants - University of Florida
Native Gardening and Invasive Plants Guide - eNature, National Wildlife Federation
Center for Aquatic and Invasive Plants - University of Florida
Invasive Species Assessment Protocol - NatureServe
Weeds Gone Wild - Plant Conservation Alliance’s Alien Plant Working Group
Maryland Small Ruminant Page - Weed control by sheep and goats.


Endangered Species International
Pacific Island Ecosystems at Risk (PIER) - Institute of Pacific Islands Forestry
Global Invasive Species Information Network
International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) - International Food Law Distance Education Certification Program
Weeds Australia
Govt. of Western Australia - Department of Agriculture, Weed Science
Ecology and Control of Introduced Plants - Cambridge University, United Kingdom
Global Invasive Species Programme - established in 1997 to address global threats caused by Invasive Alien Species, closed 2011
Invasive Alien Species Program - Convention on Biological Diversity
New Zealand Weeds - Massey University
Threats and impacts - Dept. of Conservation - Te Papa Atawhai, New Zealand
Landcare Research - Manaaki Whenua, New Zealand

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A special member's discount rate to attend the Annual General Meeting and Conference held in April each year.

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