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THE INVADER 2015 (Volume 5)
October 29, 2015

Featured Event: Canadian Weed Science Society Annual Meeting Featured Article: Featured Species: Hawkweed, yellowdevil*

  Our growing season is grinding to a halt and the snow will be flying soon.  Time to review 2015 and make plans for 2016.  If you know of an upcoming event or meeting that AISC should attend ........ Email AISC at info@abinvasives.ca


Canadian Weed Science Society Annual Conference is coming to Alberta November 23rd - 27th, 2015

Canadian Weed Science Society and AISC are having a special joint session focused on invasive species on Wednesday, November 25th at the Westin Hotel in Edmonton.  There is a special $100 registration fee for the joint day.  This is a great opportunity to interact with the research community and learn what is new with CWSS.  REGISTER NOW

For more information check out the CWSS website


PlayCleanGo Officially Launched in Alberta.


The PlayCleanGo program has officially been launched in Alberta by the AISC!!  

Don Hare, the AISC program coordinator for PlayCleanGo, is very excited to be launching the PlayCleanGo program in Alberta.  Hare explains ‘PlayCleanGo is an education and outreach program for outdoor recreationists that encourages outdoor recreation while protecting Alberta’s valuable resources. This program is a North American wide program developed to slow or stop the spread of terrestrial and aquatic invasive species through changes in the behaviors of recreationists. While the PlayCleanGo program has an international brand and support system, AISC as a partner, is permitted to customize the program to address Alberta’s unique recreation and invasive species needs’.

The PlayCleanGo program is very simple, concise, easy to understand and implement.  The recreationist simply needs to start their activity with clean gear or equipment, then while on the recreation site, stay on designated trails or pathways (where applicable), and then as they are preparing to leave the site, clean off any plant or animal debris, seed, soil or mud (potentially containing invasive species) off themselves, their equipment, pets or horses. The tag line Start Clean- Stay on Trails- Leave Clean has been developed to remind the recreationist to Play, then Clean, then Go.   

PlayCleanGo.org/abinvasives is an Alberta AISC customized webpage designed specifically for PlayCleanGo to promote awareness, understanding and cooperation by providing information that gives recreationists a clear call to action to be personally informed, attentive and accountable for stopping the spread of terrestrial and aquatic invasive species in Alberta.

PlayCleanGo is being launched into the field starting this fall with AISC and the supporting partners. Additionally AISC, Alberta Conservation Association and several Alberta Government ministries are currently assessing various recreation sites that will benefit from this program.

For a complete overview of the PlayCleanGo AISC program and support material available, please visit  PlayCleanGo.org/abinvasives



The AISC Annual Conference and AGM will be held on Thursday, March 10th, 2016 in Lacombe Alberta.  Mark your calendar so you do not miss this interesting and informative conference.  For those of you who belong to the Professional Vegetation Managers Association (PVMA) block your calendar for their conference on Wednesday March 9th in Red Deer.  Take in both conferences on back to back days!!


The Canadian Council on Invasive Species Responds

The CBC's The Current aired an interview with Fred Pearce, who wrote a book called "The New Wild".  He has some different opinions about invasive species management.  AISC has concerns about some of his comments on invasive species.  The Canadian Council on Invasive Species responded in an interview aired today (Oct 29th).  AISC is a founding member of the Canadian Council on Invasive Species.  Read the RESPONSE provided to CBC The Current.

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