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THE INVADER 2015 (volume 4)
September 03, 2015

Featured Event: AISC/CWSS Joint Session Featured Article: CropLife Obsolete Pesticide Collection Program Featured Species: Balsam, Himalayan

  Kids are back to school so it must be fall.  Many plants are mature now and easier to identify.  For invasive plants that rely on seed production, now is the time to clip heads to stop the spread.   Himalayan Balsam would be one of the invaders that relies on seeds to spread.  Fall is the time for plant exchanges.  Always do your research before planting new plants in your garden.  AISC has RESOURCES and FACT SHEETS to help you with your research.

Report on the impact of climate change on invasive plants in Alberta published.

Predicting invasive plant response to climate change: Prioritization and mapping of new potential threats to Alberta's biodiversity by Shauna-Lee Chai, Amy Nixon, Jian Zhang and Scott Nielsen.  

The following is a quote from the Executive Summary:  Climate change will result in more hospitable conditions in Alberta for new invasive species. We assessed 16 potentially new invasive plant species not yet present in Alberta for their invasiveness and climate change-related risk, demonstrating one approach to considering potential consequences of climate change for new non-native plant invasions in the province.

Invasiveness was evaluated based on four attributes: ecological impact, biological characteristics, dispersal ability and feasibility of control. Climate matching and habitat suitability modeling were used to predict potential invasion risk due to climate change in Alberta. Both approaches predicted an increase in potentially suitable climate space (climate matching) or habitat (habitat suitability modeling) in Alberta for 15 of 16 species between the historic/current climate (1961-1990) and projected future climate (2041-2070; the 2050s).

The lead author; Dr. Shauna-Lee Chai will be presenting the results at the Joint Session of the AISC and the Canadian Weed Science Society meeting in Edmonton on November 25th, 2015.  Please plan to attend and hear all about it.  See the CWSS WEBSITE for more information.  There is a special one day rate for AISC members.  Or plan to attend the whole conference!!

New Alberta Fisheries Legislation In Effect

In 2015, new species were added to the Fisheries (Alberta) Act.  There are 25 invasive fish listed including Snakehead, including 4 carps (Black, Largescale silver, silver and Bighead).  16 Freshwater dwelling invasive plants were added including: flowering rush, yellow flag iris, Himalayan balsam and purple loosestrife.  And 11 other species including zebra mussels, guagga mussels and New Zealand mud snails.  CHECK OUT THE WHOLE LIST.


CWSS AISC Joint Meeting, November 25th, 2015 

The Alberta Invasive Species Council (AISC) and the Canadian Weed Science Society (CWSS) will be holding an Invasive Plant session during the CWSS 2015 Annual Meeting which will be held in Edmonton (November 23rd - 27th, 2015).

This is the first ever joint session between these two organizations.  The CWSS vision is to be widely recognized in Canada and beyond for its national leadership in bringing together research and information on science and management related to plants potentially impacting the environment, economy and society.

This will be an opportunity to highlight Alberta’s invasive plant issues and opportunities.  We encourage all AISC members to block November 25th in their calendar and plan to attend.    

For more information on theCONFERENCE  or go to the CWSS WEBSITE


Jimsonweed Alert

Jimsonweed is not commonly found in Alberta.  However this fall it is showing up in canola fields.  The plant is toxic to both livestock and humans.  For more information READ THIS 


New Fact Sheets

There are now 97 Fact Sheets on invasive species of concern in Alberta.  Several new ones have been added lately including 8 hawkweeds .......  and 6 more Fact Sheets are in development.  In the "Uncategorized List", you will find all the species, being considered for addition to the Weed Act,are identified with an asterisk.  CHECK OUT THE FACT SHEETS.


AISC Board

The Alberta Invasive Species Council is led by a volunteer Board of Directors.   It is a very diverse and energetic Board:   Jay Byer, Shauna-Lee Chai, Megan Evans, Marty Robillard, Nicole Kimmel, Kate Wilson, Jackie Gemmill, Sarah Nevill, Matt Gibson, Laura Hammer (Treasurer), Oscar Anderson (Chair), Dave Hayman (Vice-chair), Daniel Laubhann, Luc Rainville.  Thanks for all their tireless work on behalf of the Council!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The INVADER Newsletter is published by the Alberta Invasive Species Council.  For more information or to contact us: website or email us at  If you no longer wish to receive this newsletter please follow the instructions below to "unsubscribe".



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A special member's discount rate to attend the Annual General Meeting and Conference held in April each year.

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