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THE INVADER 2015 (volume 3)
March 04, 2015

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March is here and the meeting season is in full swing!!!  So you do not want to miss the 2nd Annual Conference and AGM of the Alberta Invasive Species Council. 

Prussian Carp Update

As a result of the article in THE INVADER 2015 (volume 2) published on February 3rd, it has been reported that Prussian Carp were discovered in Lake Diefenbaker in 2011.  It is not to surprising since the Prussian carp discovered in Alberta were in the South Saskatchewan watershed (Bow River, Red Deer River).  Lake Diefenbaker is fed by the South Saskatchewan river.  It is disturbing that this invasive species is so wide-spread so quickly.  Rivers are a very effective pathway for the spread of aquatic invasive species.

Alberta Weed Control Act - 16 New Species Proposed for addition

Changes to the Prohibited Noxious and Noxious species in the Weed Control Act have been proposed.  The proposal is with the Minister of Agriculture and could be approved at any time.  There are 11 yellow hawkweeds proposed for addition.  Whiplash hawkweed, Yellowdevil hawkweed, Kingdevil hawkweed, Smooth hawkweed, Common hawkweed, Spotted hawkweed, Wall hawkweed, Tall hawkweed, Queendevil hawkweed, European hawkweed and Showy hawkweed.  AISC has fact sheets in development.  Watch for them soon at www.abinvasives.  There are 5 other species being proposed including African Rue, Alkali Swainsonpea, Pale/European Swallow-wort (Dog Strangling Vine), Black Swallow-wort and Queen Anne's Lace (Wild carrot).  Fact Sheets on these 5 species are already on the AISC website.  Check them out.  That will bring the total number of regulated invasive plants to 91.  A handy feature of the AISC Fact Sheet web page is a search function that allows you to use either common name or scientific (Latin) name.


2nd Annual AISC Conference & AGM

The Alberta Water Council completed a study of aquatic invasive species management programs and identified the characteristics of successful ones.  Andre Asselin will provide insights into the things we can do to be successful.  Can those learnings be applied to other invasive species management programs?  Come, listen and answer that question yourself.  

Liana Collette completed her Master of Science on Russian Olive.  Russian Olive is a problem in the Western United States and is listed as noxious in 2 States.  Little scientific investigation has been completed on the invasion potential or impact on Canadian ecosystems.  Her study was designed to address those 2 issues.  Come and find out what she discovered.

We are always looking for new and innovative tools for invasive species management.  There has been lots of talk about using drones.  Steve Myshak works with drones.  Come and find out if this new tool has potential.

These are just a few of the speakers who will be at the Conference.  Check out the final AGENDA.


2nd Annual AISC Conference & AGM - Early registration deadline extended to 5:00 pm on Monday, March 9th, 2015.

The AISC conference is a week away! REGISTER TODAY  There are no registrations at the door!


Alberta Invasive Species Council; How can you get involved???

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  • Government of Alberta representation: There are two seats available.  One seat is currently occupied by Martin Robillard (ESRD - Forest Health).  He was appointed by the Board in 2014.  This appointment must be confirmed by the membership at the AGM.
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NEW Invasive Plant Brochure for Gardeners in Alberta

AISC exhausted supplies of the popular brochure Weed Wise Gardening in Alberta.  So a new updated brochure has been developed and is at the printers now.  The new brochure looks different and is different!  The new title is Plant Wise, Grow Me Instead.  It encourages gardeners to change behavior and grown non-invasive native and ornamental alternatives.   AISC is an active supporter of the Canadian Council on Invasive Species and their national horticulture plan.  As a result, AISC adopted the slogan Grow Me Instead which is becoming widely used across Canada.  AISC went a step further.  If you look at the same brochure produced by the Invasive Species Council of British Columbia you will notice a very strong similarity in the title, wording and design.  This was done intentionally.  So many people travel or re-locate between Alberta and BC.  Now the gardening brochure has a familiar title and design in both provinces.  However the content of each brochure is unique to each province.  We have different invasive plants to avoid and different alternatives to plant.  The new brochure highlights Dame's Rocket, Purple Loosestrife, Himalayan Balsam, Common Baby's Breath, Yellow Clematis, Flowering Rush, Pale Yellow Iris, Bighead Knapweed and Salt Cedar.  There is a special feature on "Wildflower" seed packets, with some strategies to avoid unintentionally planting the seeds of invasive plants.  Check out the electronic version of the GROW ME INSTEAD brochure on the AISC website.  Thanks to Nicole Kimmel from Alberta Agriculture & Rural Development, Daniel Laubhann from the City of Edmonton and Dave Hayman from the City of Calgary for their input.  And special thanks to the Alberta Crop Industry Development Fund Ltd. for funding the printing of this new communications tool to stop the introduction and spread of invasive plants.

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A special member's discount rate to attend the Annual General Meeting and Conference held in April each year.

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