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THE INVADER 2015 (volume 2)
February 03, 2015

Featured Event: PVMA (IVMAA) Conference March 24 - 26th, 2015 Featured Article: Protecting Northwest Waters from Aquatic Invasive Species will take Political Muscle Featured Species: Brome, downy

  The weather is cold but the talk on invasive species is heating up.  AISC is very excited about the 2nd Annual Conference & AGM coming up in March 12th.    We are speaking at the Saskatchewan Invasive Species Council Annual Meeting, CLRA (Canadian Land Reclamation Association) Alberta Chapter 2015 AGM and Conference, the Stavely Garden Club and the Crown Managers Partnership Forum.  We will have a display at the PVMA (formerly IVMAA) Conference and the Alberta Institute of Agrologists Conference.  We want to connect with you this winter!

MEMBERSHIP: 2015 AISC memberships are now available, both individual ($31.50) and organizational ($105.00).  GET YOURS TODAY

CONFERENCE & AGM: March 12th, 2015 in Lacombe AB.  Check out the AGENDA.  REGISTER TODAY If you want to be invoiced, email

What can you do?

Encourage your colleagues, contacts and friends to get involved in Protecting Alberta from the Impacts of Invasive Species.  Ask them to become a member, attend the Annual Conference & AGM and sign up for THE INVADER newsletter.  The newsletter is self-managed ... you signup online at and you can unsubscribe at the bottom of the newsletter.

Are you interested in becoming more involved in the Alberta Invasive Species Council?

There are 4 positions on the Board of Directors to be filled at the AGM on March 12th, 2015 in Lacombe.

2 Government of Alberta positions

1 Other Government (Federal, municipal, urban or rural)

1 Individual (individuals, academics, non-governmental organizations)

If you are interested contact Barry Gibbs for a nomination form.  Completed nomination forms required prior to the election.

Invasive Prussian carp occurrence confirmed in Alberta!!!!!

First confirmed records of Prussian carp, Carassius gibelio (Bloch, 1782) in open water of North America

Erick L. Elgin, Haley R. Tunna and Leland J. Jackson.  Department of Biological Sciences, University of Calgary.  Oct 20th, 2014.

Prussian carp is a prolific invader of freshwater ecosystems in Europe and the Middle East, outside of its native range. There were no confirmed published reports of Prussian carp in open waters anywhere in North America until the 2006 discovery by the authors.  It is now present in the Bow, Red Deer and South Saskatchewan River basins.  It appears to be spreading through the irrigation systems.  For more information read the REPORT.


Estimated annual economic impact of 25 weed species in Oregon is $83.5 million.

The Research Group, LLC.  Economic Impact From Selected Noxious Weeds in Oregon.  Prepared for the Oregon Department of Agriculture Noxious Weed Control Program.  December 2014.

Some highlights:

·         Estimated economic impact of the 25 species if the infestations moved into all susceptible areas is between $1.5 billion and $2.4 billion.

·         If orange and meadow hawkweed were to expand to colonize the  17,888,000 susceptible acres then the economic impact would  be $18,448,000

·         If Leafy spurge were to expand to colonize the 32, 277,000 susceptible acres then the economic impact would be $65,174,000

For more information on why prevention and control programs pay off the REPORT



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