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Nicole Kimmel 

Nicole Kimmel received a BSc. of Environmental Conservation Sciences from the University of Alberta in 2000 with a Specialization in Wildlife and Rangeland Sciences.  She began working with Alberta Agriculture, upon graduation, as a research assistant. Her work involved addressing weed management issues in forages and non-traditional crops. After 10 years in agricultural research with the department, her role has evolved to Weed Specialist - Alberta Agriculture & Forestry, for 16 years employment. Currently she supports the Alberta Weed Control Act through extension, weed control support and weed diagnostic services.

Laura Hammer - Treasurer

Laura is a Professional Agrologist with a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture (University of Alberta) and a Diploma in Forest Technology (Northern Alberta Institute of Technology).  She has worked in agriculture, forestry, oil and gas, utility forestry, herbicides, regulatory activities, environmental consulting and enforcement. Laura has taken her diverse experiences and love of working outdoors and combined them to create Cortex Management Inc, a successful pesticide application company focusing on terrestrial and aquatic invasive species all over Alberta.   In her spare time she sits on local municipal committees, helps with her kids sport activities, and teaches skiing in the winter.  Laura has been involved with the AISC since 2006.



 Kate Wilson 

Kate has been working in the field of aquatic invasive species  prevention and management for over a decade. Originally she started  out as a journalist, but quickly found her way into the water world  and from there, assisted with the development of an aquatic invasive species program for northern Idaho. This work took her to the University of Florida for her Masters of Science where she was  employed at the Center for Aquatic & Invasive Plants and got a whole new education stemming from some of the worst invasives on the planet! Her thesis included the development of a needs assessment and recommendations for developing an aquatic invasive species prevention program for the State of Florida. She is excited to lead Alberta’s AIS  program as the Aquatic Invasive Species Specialist in Alberta Environment and Parks’ Fish & Wildlife Policy Branch. 

While she is a US/Canadian hybrid, she has been exploring her Canadian roots here in Alberta since 2013. Kate currently lives in a series of endless home renovation projects in Edmonton with her partner and old dog, Bamba. Kate loves pretty much everything outdoors, though mountain biking, trail running, and downhill skiing top the list.

Dave Hayman - Vice-chair

Dave has worked for the City of Calgary Parks Department since 2004. During that time he has initiated a regional EDRR program, a biological control program and an invasive plant herbarium.  Originally from Nova Scotia, Dave obtained his B.Sc. in Biology from Saint Mary’s University, and a Master of Science in Ecology from Acadia University. Prior to working with the City, Dave held various positions with academia and other levels of government (including CIDA, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, BC Ministry of Forests and Alberta Education). Dave’s spare time mostly involves chasing after his toddler son.


Daniel Laubhann 

Daniel has obtained a Master in Landscape Architecture and Planning and PhD in Vegetation Ecology, both from the University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences in Vienna, Austria. In Austria, he worked on several research projects including projects focusing on weed populations under different organic farming regimes. He also enjoyed several years as interpretive ranger in an Austrian National Park. Daniel moved to Edmonton in 2009 and works for the City of Edmonton as an Environmental Technician in the group responsible for the Branch’s Environmental Management System. One of his responsibilities is strategic weed management. 


Oscar Anderson - Chair

Oscar Anderson grew up in Claresholm, Alberta and has a bachelor of science in biology from the University of Lethbridge. He worked with the Municipal District of Willow Creek starting in 1996 doing weed control.  
He has a passion for weed control, nearly surpassing his passion for fly fishing, rugby and hunting. He sits on the Alberta Weed Regulatory Advisory Commitee (AWRAC) and participates in many community weed pulls. He has a 7 year old son that also fly fishes and pulls weeds with him.


Matt Gibson



Danielle Grant

Danielle has over 17 years’ experience in the pest management field, providing pest species inspection and treatments for government agency, private land owners and industry. This experience is supplemented by her knowledge and interest of invasive plant and insect species. Her passion about invasive species has led her to a number of jobs in various aspects of weed and pest control. Presently she works for Engage Agro as the Southern Albert and Saskatchewan Technical Sales Representative. In her spare time she is the partner in Prairie Environmental Services a weed and pest control company in Southern Alberta. 


Shauna-Lee Chai, Ph.D., P.Biol.

Shauna-Lee Chai is a Research Scientist with Alberta Innovates-Technology Futures. Her research interests include invasive species, climate change, seed zoning, Aboriginal relations, protected areas and rare plants. She graduated from the University of Cambridge with a PhD in Plant Sciences. Shauna-Lee has worked on invasive species over the past 15 years - first in Jamaica, where she conducted research on the invasive white –tailed deer, and implemented invasive plant control programs in a tropical rain forest national park. Since moving to Canada in 2011, she has worked with Alberta Parks to develop a Needs Assessment for an Invasive Alien Plant Species Program across the provincial system of protected areas. In 2014, Shauna-Lee led research on Invasive species management in a changing climate funded by the CCEMC as part of the Biodiversity Management and Climate Change Adaptation Project.




Sarah Nevill 

Sarah originally trained in Environmental Sciences at Lancaster University, England, and worked in waste water and then solid waste management. She has had a long time interest in conservation - especially of wetlands and water birds. She has been involved as a volunteer in The Netherlands, and worked in Australia and Nigeria, graduating from the Charles Stuart University, NSW, Australia, in 2007. She has been with the Weaselhead/Glenmore Park Preservation Society since 2008 as an educator and to set up an invasive plant program to tackle the Society’s concerns about invasive plants in the riparian zone of the Weaselhead Natural Environment Park. Under her leadership, the park has mapped the abundance and distribution of non-native plants in the Park, developed a strategic weed management plan, set up an EDRR volunteer team, and started systematic manual removal of targeted species by volunteers. The park has begun a three-year research project, with assistance from Nature Calgary, the City of Calgary, and Cows and Fish, to investigate the most effective manual method and best time to remove three woody species of concern, Tartarian Honeysuckle, Common Buckthorn and Peking Cotoneaster.



Jackie Gemmill, P.Ag.  

Jackie has a B.Sc. in Earth Science from the University of Calgary (2002) and has completed the Certificate of Environmental Practice program through Royal Roads University focusing on Environmental Assessment, Reclamation, Remediation and Restoration.   Jackie is currently pursuing a Master’s of Science degree in Environmental Practice focusing on Natural Resource Management and Conservation through Royal Roads University. Jackie serves on the M.D.  of Bighorn’s Agricultural Services and Environmental Advisory Board as the Chair.   Her interests in native vegetation, wetland areas and invasive species management are well represented in her work as an environmental planner for a consulting company in Calgary.  


Gary Godberson


Luc Rainville


Megan Evans


Jay Byer

Parkland County, and Council, Summer Village of Rochon Sands;  Jay Byer is a native Albertan, having grown up northwest of Edmonton and has a bachelor of science in agriculture degree from the University of Alberta.  He has more than thirty years in the agriculture field, the most current with Parkland County as a Supervisor of Agricultural Operations. Jay has always had a passion for growing things and has participated in the Master Gardener program at the University of Alberta.  When he is not helping with weed management at Parkland County, he is out at his cottage with his wife, Carol, or riding motorcycles when the season permits.  He is on Council at the Summer Village of Rochon Sands, and helps them and Summer Villages in general with their invasive species management programs.


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A special member's discount rate to attend the Annual General Meeting and Conference held in April each year.

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